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The goal of our association is to contribute to the economic and human development of marginalized communities through the following actions : 

  • Supporting structures whose mission is to help people in need in South America, Asia and Africa
  • Promoting French civic engagement through participation in volunteer missions abroad and awareness of the challenges of international solidarity


AIME brings together young people who share the same goal of building a better future and world for all. Our common aspiration has resulted in the desire to participate more concretely in the evolution of the world by emphasizing values ​​of love, mutual aid, and equality. We are certain we can project these values into the society in which we live, and we have chosen to associate ourselves and engage in projects of international solidarity.

In developing our missions, we aim to reduce growing inequalities in emerging countries and to contribute to the economic and human development of marginalized communities.

We want to become a leading organization in international cooperation, young and dynamic, with thousands of members. AIME is a symbol of the alliance between the values ​​of commitment, solidarity, and sharing.


Local partners








∙ Implement projects that focus on reducing poverty

∙ Allow everyone the opportunity to participate in international solidarity projects and to contribute to building a better world

∙ Networking people and structures whose mission is to help marginalized populations in need

∙ Promote social entrepreneurship and “social business”

Our Story

  • In a living room in Montreal, a group of friends decided to get together to engage in impactful projects around the world. A few months later, AIME was born !
  • During the summer, the first members of AIME went abroad to volunteer at local organizations in Thailand and Nicaragua.
  • As part of their studies, members of AIME set up a microcredit program for indigenous entrepreneurship in Panama. More than 250 local projects benefited from micro-loans under this program.
  • New partner organizations became integrated into AIME and groups of students began to raise funds during the year. More than 1,000 people participated in fundraising events.
    2012 - 2015
  • Project activities were deployed to local partners in Panama, Nicaragua, Thailand, Togo, and Senegal.
    2015 - 2016
  • In May of 2017, AIME obtained a Civic Service approval, which allows young people to become involved with partners abroad for long-term missions lasting between six and twelve months.
  • Currently, a new website is being created for AIME, with the arrival of a full-time team at the headquarters of the association, as well as the installation of a new location in Paris. And the story continues!
    2018 to present

Our Team

Team at Headquarters

Valentina Petrachi

Manon Arock
Chargée du suivi et de l’orientation des volontaires 


Project Managers

Bertrand Le Metayer
Référent de mission Sénégal

Elliot Mack
Référent de projet Thaïlande
(Ban Pak Audomsung Learning Center)

Mariane Behar
Responsable Asie

Maëlys Chanut
Référent de projet Thaïlande
(Ban Pak Audomsung Learning Center)