Madeleine: “This testimony allows me to thank once again ApiAfrique and its team.”

Madeleine: “This testimony allows me to thank once again ApiAfrique and its team.”

Three months after my return to France, I look back on my experience in Senegal with ApiAfrique. The first thing I want to say is that, of all my experiences abroad, this one was the most beautiful and richest… in everything! Imminent landing I took off on February 19th for 5 months of sunny experience in Senegal. My first steps in Africa didn’t seem so exotic since the first kilometres I travelled with Laye (Abdoulaye Gning, director of the company) on the brand new motorway opened shortly before (presidential election approaching) made me think of the A20 motorway that goes through Limoges (always proud of one’s roots). Little change of scenery then, until the tollgate, which was not yet open, and not even lit… At least not automatically, it was without counting on this young man who was going back and forth with his flashlight, to warn motorists (always better to pass again at 30km/h when the road goes from 30m wide to 3m without a sign). Yes, the baobabs seen in the half-light also helped me to realize the change of scenery!

Zebu, work, sleep … Every day I had the pleasure to cross the daisies of the area who grazed peacefully (unfortunately often waste paper and cardboard and too little vegetation in dry periods). I arrived at the workshop of ApiAfrique and was greeted cheerfully by the girls already at work, between diapers, wipes, sanitary towels … between the workshop and the office 10 minutes walk from each other. Every lunchtime we shared a Senegalese dish prepared by Ndeye the head cook! The days were punctuated by power cuts (sometimes), the heat (often) and especially by “I will not let myself pass for a workaholic” I think it is important to highlight the surfing sessions every weekend!

Yum : I can’t talk about a personal experience, not to mention the food I discovered, and loved (or not). It is of course the chicken vermicelli (festive meal) which will have marked my stomach (in the good way of course), but let’s not leave aside the ceboudjen which will have been my faithful companion on 80% of my stay! Special mention for the grilled squid at Bouba’s, my little landmark for Sunday meals, small straw hut, to enjoy a good meal feet in the water…

This testimony allows me to thank once again ApiAfrique and all her team (special thought for Marina and Laye who do a monster job !), AIME and her team (Mariane, Bertrand, Valentina …), without you I would not have had the chance to discover this beautiful country, live this beautiful experience…

See you soon at the workshop or around a grilled squid on the beach!

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