Else (continued): “These past 4 months have allowed me to start discovering Karen history and culture. Through this experience I have gotten to know many beautiful people!”

TMK is what? TMK is a “village” close to Pho Pra, Thailand, on the Burmese border. TMK was built around the school and for the school: about 500 students of all ages (from kindergarten to the first years of higher education) live there, away fr…

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Mathias: “There is so much to do and see at Ban Pak Audomsung that goodwill alone is enough to make this experience a success”.

In 2017 Mathias was a 27-year-old, originally from Poitiers, living in Paris navigating between communication activities (Project management 360) and catering, when he deceived to uproot and travel. He wished to combine his love of dis…

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Joanne: “To all who say we were brave to leave, know that I have never lived so simply and I have never been happier.”

Tomorrow is the end of my adventure at TMK and I already feel that this experience has changed me. Sometimes the community life and the lack of comfort have been difficult, but these are only details compared to the immense happiness that it h…

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