Youth worksite: A week of immersion that promises to be rich in sharing and learning

Youth worksite: A week of immersion that promises to be rich in sharing and learning

A week at the heart of civic engagement


Since its creation in 2009, AIME has been committed to promoting youth engagement in the service of solidarity projects, in France and abroad, in order to contribute to the construction of a more just and inclusive society and to move forward while respecting the values ​​of sharing , benevolence, and altruism. In 2020, AIME decided to take a turning point in its actions by increasingly developing its presence in France, particularly among young people from the Ile-de-France region, whom it supports through thematic workshops around international solidarity and interculturality.

It is in this new dynamic that in July 2021, AIME organized its first eco-citizen project for 20 young people! Civic engagement constitutes a real socio-professional springboard for young people having access to it, and unfortunately, it is clear that our current health crisis has widened the existing gaps between today’s youth and the possibilities of engagement. Faced with this observation, AIME offered 20 young people aged 18 to 25 the opportunity to participate in a week of immersion within an eco-citizen project on the outskirts of the forest of Peyrolles-en-Provence, hosted within the eco lodging of “Le Loubatas,” our partner for this project. 

For a week, young people had the opportunity to participate in activities related to the preservation of biodiversity, as well as to attend thematic workshops offered by the educational facilitators of AIME around international solidarity, interculturality and discrimination, the deconstruction of prejudices and stereotypes, and benevolent communication . This week was also embellished with more informal moments of cohesion and meetings , in order to offer a rich and human experience to young people and allow them to recharge their batteries in an inspiring setting after a particularly trying year behind closed doors.

The main objective of this immersive week was to promote the emergence of eco-citizen aspirations in the service of socio-professional integration. AIME attaches particular importance to the human factor and above all aims to offer young people a benevolent , attentive and warm experience, allowing them to feel confident , to become aware of their capacities  and interpersonal skills, and to encourage them to take a different look at the perspectives of engagement offered to them. Little by little, AIME hopes to encourage them to regain confidence in their potential. 

See you soon for the rest of this great adventure, which promises to be rich in lessons!

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