Clémentine : “Mi familia es tu familia”

Clémentine : “Mi familia es tu familia”

As a volunteer on the island of Ometepe, I stayed 1 month with the Hermanas de la Luna cooperative.

My main role was to give English classes to children aged 8 to 12 and adults aged 13 and over. I lived with a family. Rosita and Mickael welcomed me very well and immediately made me feel at ease “mi casa es tu casa”.

My days started with a different desayuno every morning! Then we met with the other volunteers at the Sinai or at the Chico Largo (2 bars that have WIFI) in order to work together on the course to be given in the afternoon. Then there was the almuerzo. Very rich in general, a nap was not refused afterwards !!! In the afternoon we devoted ourselves to the English classes. The little ones had learned English from 5 to 6 pm. The older ones from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived on this island and I was pleasantly surprised! Nicaraguans are motivated and always have a smile on their face! The levels were different from one student to another, so the complexity lay in not going too fast for some without getting bored for others. We tried to concoct activities for them (songs, role-playing, talking groups) instead of always writing writing writing… muy aburrido!

During the weekend we explored with the other volunteers the rest of the island or the rest of the country! In the program SantoDomingo, Ojo de Agua, Granada and many others.

Nicaragua is a country full of beauty. Nature is always there, whereas it has disappeared in other countries.

I lived on this island a very rich experience! The inhabitants of the island are very endearing, the children even more so! The families are adorable with us. Always with the small care. My family organized some activities like the visit of Punta Jesus Maria or the visit of the very small island in front of the natural reserve of Chaco Verde! Not to mention our bienvenida and my despedida! A big surprise was waiting for me. Songs, dances, poems that I will never forget! I was very sad to leave them but it’s only a goodbye !!!

Clémentine Lesobre.

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