ApiAfrique is a social enterprise that develops innovative solutions to reduce waste and support women's autonomy in Senegal and French-speaking Africa.

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ApiAfrique is a social enterprise that develops innovative solutions to reduce waste and support women’s autonomy in Senegal and French-speaking Africa. ApiAfrique manufactures sanitary napkins and reusable baby diapers. The structure also creates services to inform, educate and support women towards eco-responsible and healthy practices.

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Volunteers support ApiAfrica members to promote and develop eco-friendly products for women in Senegal:

  • Participate in workshops and the presentation of products developed by ApiAfrique to local communities
  • Awareness raising on the topics of waste reduction and eco-responsible practices. Support the promotion of the structure through participation in workshops and events on environmental topics, waste reduction and the protection of women
  • Contribution to the creation of digital content
  • Animation of youth workshops on menstruation 
  • Support to the local team for the development of innovative projects and products.


Training: No specific training is required, A diversity of professional and educational backgrounds can enhance the richness of the group.


Experience: Having experience living in a country with different living conditions is beneficial for adapting to a new environment.


Languages: English and French language proficiency is recommended.


Required qualities: Joyful, dynamic, inspiring, curious and appreciative of different cultures. Strong initiative and pro-activity, but also good patience and listening skills. Sensitive and good with children Resilient and able to adapt to different living conditions