Baan Unrak

The Ban Unraak Center is an orphanage that welcomes more than 120 Mons, Karen and some Thai children and offers them an educational system which is recognised by the Thai state. The orphanage promotes employability amongst the children so they may have a brighter future.

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Baan Unrak was born 28 years ago in Sangkhla Buri, close to the Burmese border. The center welcomes 100 children, houses them, feeds them and educates them. The shelter also welcomes the mothers, who face great difficulty, and gives them the chance to live and work in the center. The lifestyle and education at the center revolve around vegan ideals.

The missions of the volunteer: 

  • The center runs a program that accelerates English learning for children. Every evening between 18h and 19h, the children benefit from an individual mentoring, made possible by video sessions, with foreign professors or peer-to-peer workshopping. The volunteer will teach and be in charge of this program. 
  • Volunteers help the local team organize these tutoring classes. Volunteers also support the development of English language skills by viewing English-language films with subtitles in the evening. 
  • Extra-curricular activities: after school which finishes at 3 pm, sports, games and artistic activities are organized with the children. Volunteers can also offer activities according to their passions and interests. 
  • The center also develops related projects (weaving workshop, bakery, training of single mothers and women working in the center). Volunteers can get involved in projects that matter to them.


No specific training is required, diversity and complementarity of profiles can enhance the richness of the center. 

Although the mission is available for any type of profile, the center is especially interested in the reception of people coming from the following formations: teaching, animation, specialized education, psychology, professions of the health (nurses, doctors). Persons with experience with the arts, sports, and culture are wanted for the center. Anyone with a taste for these activities will benefit the children.

Experience  :

Experience living in rural community is a plus when adapting to the new environment. Because of the age of the public that is hosted, the center does not host volunteers under 21 for short missions (less than 6 months) and under 25 for long missions (more than 6 months).

A good level of English is necessary.

Required qualities :

  • Joyful, dynamic, inspiring, Intrest in the discovery of other cultures.
  • Strong initiative and proactivity, but also patience and listening!
  • Sensitivity to animation activities with children.