Ban Pak Audomsung

The Ban Pak Audomsung center welcomes the children of Karen refugees from Burma and allows them to have access to education by offering them courses in mathematics, history, Thai, English,etc.

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Since 2012 AIME has been working with the Ban Pak Audomsung Learning Center in Thailand, which hosts around twenty children with very different profiles. The relationship to persecution in their homeland Karen ethnicity.

The founder, Gloria had to flee Burma due to the Burmese junta’s attacks on ethnically Karen; she has been running the center with her family since its creation in 2010. The beneficiaries of the center have access to education and a better quality of life.

The mission of the volunteer:

  • In the morning: Give English classes to the children at the center (prepared beforehand)
  • In the afternoon: Preparing fun games or cooking based activities for children in the kitchen and daily tasks (cut and collect wood in the jungle, kitchen, garden, infrastructure repairs ….), Proposes sporting activities …
  • Share in the daily lives of Gloria children and family
  • Organize fundraisers or prepare funding campaigns with HelloAsso to meet the needs of the project
  • Accompany and participate in different local events

Training: No specific training is required, diversity and complementarity of profiles will add the richness of the program. 

Experience: Previous experience living in an intercultural community and / or in a context of reduced / simpler material comfort is an asset to adapt to the environment.

A first experience in the social or the educational sector is appreciable.

Languages: A good command of English is necessary.

Required qualities :

  • Strong entrepreneurial character, able to make decisions and initiatives.
  • Happy, dynamic, inspiring, taste for traveling, multicultural experiences and discovering other cultures.
  • Spirit of initiative and pro-activity, but also patience and quality of listening!
  • Sensitivity to animation activities with children.

Ability to resilience and adaptation to different living conditions.