Karenni National College

KnNC is the only organization that offers post-baccalaureate level training to young people in the Ban Nai Soi refugee camp in Thailand.

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Karenni National College (KnNC) was founded in 1995 and is the only organization offering free post-bac training to young people at Ban Nai Soi refugee camp in Thailand. These students are all ethnically Karen, who fled Burma because of the armed conflict between the Burmese military junta and the local population who claim to be independent. As such, it is one of the longest armed conflicts still underway today.

The school welcomes 200 students for a 3-year program of studies. The program offers courses in community project management, computer science, social sciences, and sciences. Classes are taught at the refugee camp to cater to the students living there and who are not permitted to leave. Many are born in this refugee camp, which is one of the most densely populated in the world. To obtain a quality education is coveted as it allows them to find better jobs within the refugee camps or to one day return to Burma. 



The volunteer will have four mission: 

  • Support the school principal to teach English, math, social studies, history-geography, etc.
  • Participation in community and extra-curricular projects with students
  • Individual assist local students in the development of their personal and professional projects
  • Homework help and tutoring in small groups
  • English required
  • Ability to adapt to very simple living conditions and almost total immersion.
  • Openness, autonomy, optimism, dynamics
  • Listening ability and patience.