Li Ch’utam

Li Ch'utam is a local non-profit association created in 2009, which focuses on local communities to provide them with educational resources and opportunities in the valley.

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The idea of ​​creating Li Ch’utam was born in 2009 when local Fincaros (Farm owners ) became aware of growing inequality in the surrounding villages. 

Li Ch’utam’s vision is to promote sustainable development while improving opportunities and conditions for local people through innovative and cutting-edge initiatives at the community level.

 Today, Li Ch’utam works with Fincaros and local communities to bring educational resources and opportunities to the valley.

The mission of the volunteer: 

  • Support the local teaching support team to improve the learning environment
  • Prepare and implement extra-curricular activities for the afternoon, activities based on the skills and desires of the volunteer
  • Prepare and implement computer courses for the community (typing, Internet use and Microsoft Office applications, and basic coding)
  • Seek funding, raise funds 
  • Community awareness of agriculture projects to enable families to diversify their diet

Training / Experience: No specific training is required, diversity and complementarity of profiles will add to the success of the mission. 

Languages: A good level of Spanish and English is required.

Required qualities :

  • Dynamism and good autonomy (remote area)
  • Taste for the discovery of other cultures.
  • Strong initiative and pro-activity, but also patience and listening!
  • Sensitivity to animation activities with children.
  • Resilience and adaptability to different living conditions.