Little Yen’s

Little Yen's is a social enterprise working in the field of solidarity tourism. The structure operates in the North of Vietnam, in one of the poorest regions of the country where many ethnic minorities live.

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Northern Vietnam is one of the poorest regions of the country. This poverty particularly affects the minorities living in Ha Giang province, which borders China. The local populations live mainly from working the land, and rarely have access to a salary.

One of the region’s opportunities is its openness to tourism. The spectacular mountain scenery is pushing more and more travellers, both local and international, to travel from village to village. It is in this context that this project was launched a year ago. The first step was the opening of an English language school, free of charge for the children of the region, whose classes are taught by volunteers. The aim is to enable the children, in the future, to be able to develop an activity linked to tourism, as a guide for example. The second stage, which is currently underway, is the opening of a new Bed & Breakfast type hostel whose aim will be, among other things, to offer activities to discover the minorities of the region. Students will be able to act as guides and part of the income generated will go to ethnic minorities.

For more information on the background to this project, see the country profile.

  • The hostel runs a program that accelerates the learning of English for children. Three times a week, on a staggered schedule, the children benefit from free lessons. The volunteer will lead and be in charge of this program.


  • Volunteers help the local team to organize these tutoring courses. Volunteers also support the development of the students’ English skills through conversation tables and other activities.


  • Extra-curricular activities: in order to motivate students to use English in real-life situations, we will offer volunteers to organize extra-curricular activities according to their affinities.


  • The hostel also develops related projects (weaving workshop, solidarity tourism, hiking, discovery of ethnic minorities in North Vietnam …). Volunteers can get involved in projects that are close to their hearts.



No specific training is required, the diversity and complementarity of profiles is a richness to learn from each other.


Although the mission is available for any type of profile, the hostel is especially interested in welcoming people coming from the following backgrounds: teaching, animation, special education, psychology, tourism, management…



A first experience of living in a community is a plus to help you adapt to the new environment. Due to the age of the public that is welcomed, the centre does not accept volunteers under 21 years old for the missions.


Languages :

A good level of English is necessary.


Qualifications required : 

  • Joyful, dynamic, inspiring, a taste for discovering other cultures.
  • Strong spirit of initiative and proactivity, but also patience and listening!
  • Sensitivity to animation activities with children