Orphanage Tree of Life and Children

Orphanage Tree of Life and Children (OAVE) aims to bring people together through cultural exchanges, integrate out-of-school children, enable disadvantaged social groups to be self-sufficient and fight deforestation.

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In Benin, primary education is free. But the need to buy a uniform and school supplies are often a major obstacle in the education of the most vulnerable children because their families, which are very poor,  cannot bear the cost.

This situation particularly affects orphaned children; it was reported that there were around 230,000 orphans according to the last national census.  6.86% of children who were recorded as orphans were between the ages of a few months to 17 years of age. It also affects very disadvantaged children with physical or mental disabilities.

It is in front of this observation that the Orphanage Tree of Life of the Children (OAVE, Orphelinat Arbre de Vie et des Enfants) was born in 2016 in the region of Klouékanmé in Benin. The association supports the housing, schooling, and training of fifty orphans and vulnerable children.

Volunteers will support members of the orphanage in the following activities:

  • Assist French lessons, grammar, vocabulary, and mathematics for elementary school children.
  • Participate in the life of the orphanage: accompanying children in their daily lives and in the tasks of everyday life
  • Participate in extracurricular and socio-educational activities: sports workshops, cultural visits, creative workshops
  • Participate in school supported activities for children with difficulties
  • Support the local team in the development of community micro-projects: expansion of the orphanage, construction of latrines, etc.
  • Outreach activities with partner associations

Training: No specific training is required, diversity and complementarity of profiles is a richness to learn from each other. Nevertheless, experience in the sector of education or animation (type BAFA) is appreciable.

Experience: Previous experience living in a developing community or in simpler conditions is a plus to adapt to the new environment.

Languages: A good level of French is necessary.

Required qualities :

  • Joyful, dynamic, inspiring, interest other culture.
  • Self-motivated, pro-activeness, but also patience and listening
  • Sensitivity to animation activities with children.
  • Ability to resilience and adaptation to different living conditions.