North Pikine Health Station

The Pikine North health post was created in 2005 and operates in various fields such as health, social, educational and environmental. Its main objective is to promote rapid and quality care in the local community and to be able to provide first aid, environmental and health awareness, and actions in the North Pikine district.

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The missions of the health post are:

– Ensure that the center is accessible to all persons regardless of age, illness, disability …

– Raise awareness and preventative measures to stop the spread of certain diseases (malaria, tuberculosis, etc.). Additionally, help improve the environment and health care of everyday life (landscaping, waste and wastewater management, deforestation …)

– Administrative management, coordination of meetings and relations with external partners.

The objectives of the North Pikine health, the role of the teacher in the field of social networking, out.

Pikine Nord wishes to support its development and thus allow it to broaden these objectives.

The missions carried out by the volunteer consist of:

  • Participation in reception and administrative management, assistance with the care of the center.
  • Development of communication to help better recognition and visibility of the center
  • Organization of meetings, planning, invitations, reports
  • Development of educational activities and their contents, improvement of educational tools
  • Sensitization training, training office, first aid …

No specific training is required, as a diversity of professional and educational backgrounds can enhance the richness of the group.

Although the mission is available for any type of profile, a person with a medical or paramedical background is appreciated.