Thoo Mweh Khee

The Thoo Mweh Khee Learning Center (TMK) welcomes more than 700 Karen students each year who fled Burma due to conflicts between the Burmese army and ethnic minority.

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The center offers classes from kindergarten to post-baccalaureate, including a four-year Bachelor in Liberal Arts (BLA) program, which makes it one of the best university-type courses in the region.

The majority of students are housed and fed at the center. Students work on the farm to grow the fruits and vegetables they consume.

Its aim is to provide young people with the necessary skills for a future independent professional life.

The volunteer will have for mission: 

  • Teaching English and the different subjects of the post-bac program (computer science, economics, social sciences, etc.)
  • Participation in extracurricular activities (sports, arts, fun activities)
  • Individualized student support and homework help during the evening study
  • Participation in various activities of the center


University Education in Social Sciences, Political Science, English, Law

Languages: A good level of English is necessary.

Required qualities :

  • Joyful, dynamic, inspiring, taste for the discovery of other cultures.
  • Strong initiative and pro-activity, but also patience and listening!
  • Sensitivity to animation activities with young people
  • Resilience and adaptability to different living conditions.