Youth Connect Foundation

Founded in 2009, Youth Connect Foundation aims to help young Burmese migrants from various ethnic minorities integrate into the labour market by offering vocational training to some 60 young people each year.

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Founded in 2009, the Youth Connect Foundation aims to provide training, internships and career guidance services. By providing these services it ensures students’ safety and increases productivity and independency and enable young Burmese migrants to enter the workforce; regardless of ethnic background.

The foundation offers vocational training courses to some sixty young people each year in the fields of hotel and catering, cooking, personal services, mechanics, etc. It also offers internships with partner companies and helps members of the community to obtain a work permit in Thailand.

Youth Connect Foundation also has a social business model through the Picture Book Guesthouse in Mae Sot, which funds part of the center’s activities and offers professional immersions for young people.

The training focuses on life skills such as decision making and communication, math, English and Thai. These courses allow students to acquire the necessary skills to make them more competitive in what they decide to do after high school.

The volunteer will have four mission:

  • Participate in teaching English, specific professional skills and other educational activities
  • Workshops empowerment , personal development, development of soft skills and ” life skills
  • Individual support for students in their personal and professional projects.
  • Support the project of social business Picture Book Guesthouse, promotion of the hotel, setting up of communication supports, etc.
  • Current English required.
  • Eagerness for the transmission of knowledge.
  • Interest in human relations, dynamic and optimistic.
  • Listening and patience, openness, adaptability.
  • Sensitivity for themes related to insertion.