Zwekabin Myay

Zwekabin Myay is a non-profit organization that offers free intensive education and work integration programs. The NGO provides all accommodations to program participants. Zwekabin Myay’s focus is on drop-outs and graduates from the Karen region of Myanmar, regardless of their ethnic origin or religion.

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The center consists of an intensive 8-month program based on learning English, developing critical thinking and managing community projects, which is followed by a 10-month immersion partnership with an NGO.

The center welcomes between 25 and 30 students a year. The general objective is to provide these young people with the skills that will allow them to contribute positively to the development of the country.

As part of the management of community projects, the center develops partnerships with local schools and other learning centers to support them with donations and constructions/renovations.

The volunteer will have four mission:

  • English learning support: organize activities that complement traditional courses, help facilitate the integration of English among students. These activities can take the form of debates, practical scenarios, watching movies in English.
  • Participation in community projects: volunteers support members of the organization and students in the implementation of development projects (summer courses, renovations, constructions) in rural villages or partner schools
  • Extra curricular activities: sports (volleyball, football), cultural activities (showcasing local culture, cooking) or artistic activities (music, dance).
  • Provide school support: help with homework and individualized support for students.

Training:  University Education in Social Sciences, Political Science, English, Law

Languages: A good level of English is necessary.

Required qualities:

  • A command of English is necessary.
  • Interest in exchanging knowledge, strong intercultural sharing.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Openness, ability to listen and patience adaptability.