Agbédjikpo, Togo


6 - 12 months


Kailend Farm

Type of mission

Service civique


Private room

Internet access




Description of the partner

Kailend Farm, set up in 2013, operates in the heart of rural and disadvantaged region of Togo. Its mission is to offer vocational training and employment opportunities to low-income women and school drop-outs. Kailend Farm also seeks to develop ecological agriculture that respects the environment, and to share its know-how and products with the surrounding population. More broadly, the farm acts as a lever for local development by creating economic opportunities and support. Its main target group remains young people who are far from urban centres and professional prospects.

The mission

Volunteers will support Kailend Farm in the following activities (depending on their profile and skills):

  • Support for agricultural activities: Volunteers will support the local team in all of the organisation’s agricultural activities. This includes setting up and monitoring local crop harvests, creating a composting area, helping to make organic fertilisers and slurry, watering plants, harvesting and feeding the animals.
  • Helping to promote the farm: Volunteers help to promote the farm and help to create content on social networks.
  • Support for the management of the site: Volunteers support the “Kailend” Farm team in welcoming temporary woofing volunteers and helping to fit out the organisation’s living areas.
  • Support for awareness-raising activities: Volunteers will be required to support the local team in developing educational content on the following themes: the environment, agriculture, ecology and eco-actions. These awareness-raising activities are part of a wider agrotourism programme aimed at introducing the farm to a wide range of visitors.
Candidate profile

All profiles are welcome. Profiles with an appetite for market gardening and construction projects are appreciated. Taking the initiative and making proposals are good qualities for this assignment.


Volunteer will have one private room with shared bathroom and kitchen