It’s back to school! Discover the new faces behind AIME

It’s back to school! Discover the new faces behind AIME

AIME is growing and expanding its ranks: 5 new people have joined the troops at headquarters and some are going abroad to work full time. As the new school year begins in 2021, let’s take stock of your new contacts.

Valentina Petrachi- General Manager

The adventure began in 2017 when I rejoined AIME as a volunteer in Nicaragua. Following this experience, I stayed involved in volunteering as a reference for the project I had been involved with, and in September of 2018, I joined the headquarters. As the first full-time employee, I had the joy of contributing to the structuring of the organization and the conducted projects. Today, I have the pleasure of working with a solid and professional team that allows AIME to have an even greater role in creating a better world. 




Luca Chailloux- International Division Coordinator 

Being of two nationalities, French and Italian, I carried out my studies in Italy, France, and The Netherlands. Following a diploma from the Maastricht University of International Development, I went to Colombia as a project assistant in a local NGO, where I decided to concentrate my time and energy on activities surrounding international solidarity. Following this, I served as a project monitoring and evaluation assistant for AME in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; then as a manager of the same department at AVSI, an international NGO. Thus, after various professional experiences in South America and Asia, I am excited to rejoin the AIME team in France.

(Passionate about issues related to geopolitics, as well as human and social development, it is unthinkable for him to travel without a copy of Courrier International magazine under his arm.)


Agathe Desmares- Coordinator for Asia and Latin America

I discovered AIME completely by chance on the civic service website in June 2019! From the first interview I had with the Asia coordinator at the time, I wanted to join the organization and the project that it supported in Myanmar (Burma). The seven months that I spent in the Karen State learning center convinced me to continue supporting community initiatives in that region. Under unexpected circumstances, I assumed the role of Asia coordinator for AIME in March of 2020. 

During this period of health crisis, I’ve gained an immense admiration for our partners, for their impressive resilience, humility, and sense of community. It is with the same desire to work with such inspiring and engaging people that I’m leaving for Guatemala as the Latin America coordinator. 


Mathilde Vo- Coordinator for Africa

My story with AIME began in 2019 when I wanted to volunteer in Senegal. However, having been offered another opportunity in Benin with another NGO, I was unable to continue my process with AIME. I came back two years later, even more determined and motivated 🙂

I completed my studies in International Program Management – Humanitarian Development. While I was completing my masters, I served as the assistant of youth mobilization within the NGO Oxfam France for one year. Enabling every young person to become an agent of change has always been at the heart of my commitments. This is why I am proud to be part of the AIME Family! As regional manager for Africa, I represent AIME on the African continent, particularly in the countries where our partners are located: Senegal, Togo, Benin, and Zambia. My purpose? I assure that AIME’s volunteers flourish in their missions, but I also support local partners in the implementation of their projects. A little fact about me? I never travel without my guitar, as it allows me to feel at home wherever I go 🙂


Louise Fontaine- In Charge of Partnerships in France and Europe

After four years in the field of management of international cooperation projects, this is my first experience with an NGO! I graduated with a masters degree in International Relations and Action Abroad from the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. I have always been attracted to international relations, particularly in China (it’s a bit of a hobby of mine). My encounter with AIME echoed my desire to get involved on a daily basis. New adventures are stimulating and multiply my desire to act for values that correspond to me. As a volunteer for the social action of the Red Cross in the 18th district of Paris, I am convinced that our individual actions are essential to changing society and strengthening our ties. 

Curious and dynamic, my role within AIME is to develop public and private partnerships. What does that consist of? Concrete actions: Promotion of civic service in France and Europe (yes, AIME is not only international), the development of a solid ecosystem association, the diversification of financing sources and the research of new sponsors to support our projects and those of our partners. And that’s not even the beginning! A little thing that makes me feel good is letting my imagination run free through sewing, embroidery, and pottery! I can’t wait to help AIME grow with you!


Faustine Lepoutre- In Charge of Citizen Engagement 

Arriving at AIME in April of 2020 was the culmination of a long path of questioning and detours, allowing me to arrive at an organization that reflects my values and shares my desire for commitment. After earning a license in psychology in my native North of France, I branched out to explore civil service. This opened my eyes to the field of solidarity and its rich associative ecosystem, giving me the opportunity to see new perspectives of commitment from all sides. After earning my masters degree in the Management of International Projects in Paris, and a subsequent trip to Latin America, I returned to Peru to be in charge of mobilization in human rights and to discover, with wonder, the potential that lies within every young person. It is that experience that gave me the desire and motivation to continue my journey in this direction and to knock on the door of AIME in order to accompany young people and perhaps allow them to discover new opportunities, both in France and abroad. Curious and wishful, I love discovering new things and challenging myself daily. Lately, I’ve taken up the guitar and started climbing!


Zoé Tiberghien – In Charge of Communication

It is a significant turning point in my professional life to start this new chapter in humanitarian work. After earning my masters degree in marketing at the school of commerce, I first oriented myself towards tourism and the hotel business. I was thus able to work for large luxury hotels in Mexico, Vietnam, and Bora Bora. I am now looking to give more meaning to my work, and in this quest I am more than happy to join the ranks of AIME. I will be in charge of communication, i.e in charge of the image of the NGO, especially digitally, via the website, social networks, newsletter, alumni networks, advertising campaigns, physical events, etc. So stay tuned 😉

I am passionate about photography, notably street photography in film!



Lucas Porée – Sponsorship Intern

I’ve always been at the service of others, but that wasn’t always reflected in my career! I started in the field of commerce with a masters degree in finance from the Normandy Business School. I then decided to turn towards the associative sector that I experienced during my studies, choosing to begin a masters degree in humanitarian development. At the same time, AIME welcomed me with open arms into my current position as a sponsorship officer.

Passionate about nature, particularly animals, I love discovering new flora and fauna, whether through a book or while traveling. I am particularly fond of discussions that allow me to get to know other people better.

So feel free to reach out and tell me about yourself! 🙂

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