Back to the Hero Race

Back to the Hero Race

The Hero Race is one of the largest multi-association fundraising events in France. It allows associations to mobilize and unite around their cause, but above all, to raise money to keep their projects alive. This year, the race took place in Paris, Bordeaux, and Lyon, raising a total of more than 15 million euro.

For the 10th year, AIME had decided to participate through 3 runners: Valentina, Manon, and Kaoutar, who each ran 6 km. This race allowed us to ensure considerable financial support for the association’s projects, but above all, bring our community together around a unique activity. The money collected will contribute to the sustainability, support, and achievement of our various missions that AIME already had set up or are currently developing.

The Hero Race was a double challenge for us, both charitable and athletic. To be able to compete, each runner had to raise 200 euro. It is thanks to their determination and motivation that they all rose to the challenge.

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