“Ecocuenca: a first project in Peru in partnership with the Qollana association”

“Ecocuenca: a first project in Peru in partnership with the Qollana association”

AIME is launching its first project in Peru, in the region of Cusco, in partnership with the Qollana association and several local NGOs. A first request for funding has been submitted to the Micro Projects Agency for a start in September. Peru, a very urban country, still suffers greatly from poverty and very marked differences in development between large cities and rural areas. Land use planning, centred on extractivism (mining) inherited from the colonial era, has so far excluded any sustainable local development and accessibility of resources. Out of 1835 districts, the region of Cuzco concentrates 4 of the 10 poorest districts in the country, with a population mostly made up of farmers. The agri-food industry is almost non-existent, offering little opportunity for the region’s farming families, who represent around 40% of the population. Today, local actors – communities (districts), communities, business associations and citizens’ associations – lack the training and organization to propose a vision and activities for sustainable development.

Communities in the Pomacanchi watershed, Cusco region: Tocorani and Santa Lucia

The objective of the Ecocuenca project is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the local populations of the Andean watersheds through the promotion and facilitation of an eco-compatible management of the territory, based on sustainable land use, food security and sustainable economic development.

It will be deployed in two watersheds of the Cuzco region: Cachora and Pomacanchi. 

For its first year of implementation, the project will focus in particular on the constitution and/or strengthening of consultation areas in which sustainable local development plans will be drawn up in a concerted manner with all local stakeholders.

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