Interview – Jessy Jane’s adventures at AIME

Interview – Jessy Jane’s adventures at AIME

A few weeks ago now, we were lucky enough to receive Jessy Jane in the AIME premises in Paris. Jessy Jane agreed to answer our questions, which allowed us to know even more about her Yoga-Moto-Association project. This project aims to raise awareness about international solidarity.

The adventures of Jessy Jane is the story of a young woman passionate about Motorbikes and Yoga, and which takes shape from 2015. She decides to link the two in order to help the most disadvantaged people on a larger scale. 🤸Par Yoga, by offering courses on donation (donations that will be given to local associations in each country). On a motorbike, her alter ego and limitless symbol of Freedom. 🏍️

Today, this approach is taking concrete form in a round-the-world tour. Jessy Jane will travel around the world being carried by her history and her desire to be with those who need her the most. In 5 continents and 78 countries she will travel, in 739 days, she will achieve this goal. 

The adventures of Jessy Jane are the audacity to turn to others, recognition, sharing, trust and fulfillment. 

No need to tell you that her magnificent project is … supported by AIME ! 💚 Throughout this adventure, Jessy Jane will meet several AIME partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  

Without further delay we let you discover the video of her interview !

Discover Jessy Jane’s website for more information:

To follow his adventures live, go to her Instagram : @Lesaventuresdejessyjane

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