Jailbreak 2017: heading to Prague!

Jailbreak 2017: heading to Prague!

Jailbreak 2017 Neoma BS Reims

The Jailbreak 2017 has 12 participating pairs and more than 1000km covered for the most part.

There were 11 registered pairs and one trinomial, however 3 pairs didn’t make it from Reims and therefore dropped out. All the other pairs managed to reach the destination of Prague, except for one who asked to return to Paris because they would not arrive in Prague on time. The journey was eventful for all the participants, some made detours, going backwards, others only reached the destination of Prague the next morning but in the end it was 17 students full of good humour who were able to meet up with the AIME team.

The first pairs were welcomed on the Old Town Square by the members of AIME with a well-deserved snack as a reward. After a night in a youth hostel, everyone left to visit the city of Prague before returning to Reims.

To sum up the Jailbreak it was 12 pairs, 25 participants, 17 students who travelled almost 2000 km to go to Prague by hitchhiking, lots of laughter, good mood, stress and tiredness. But it is also 2000€ given by the sponsors to the association AIME.
This great adventure is of course full of anecdotes such as one of the broom cars that almost made the wrong Land in Germany to look for a lost partner, or participants who, because of the language barrier, left in the wrong direction.

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