Conditions for Departure

The minimum recommended length of a project is 4 weeks, as integrating into a new culture and understanding project issues takes time.

The first weeks are essential for adapting to the new culture and location, and then volunteers can truly focus on bringing something concrete to the local project

There is no age limit to go on a mission.

Most of our volunteers are young people between the ages of 18 and 30, but we are open to all ages. We accept minor volunteers from 16 years old. In this case, they must be accompanied by an adult during their stay abroad.

Volunteers work locally with a team of people of all ages.

It is quite possible to go in a group. If you have a particular project, please let us know so we can build the mission together with the local partner. 

No prior experience is required. For some missions, however, we recommend persons with more experienced backgrounds. You can find yourself in a very remote context with living conditions very different from what we are used to living on a daily basis.

The basic condition is then a strong spirit of adaptation and an openness to new cultures.

Financing the Mission

Organizing quality international solidarity missions takes time. Indeed, we must visit our partners regularly in the field to ensure good conditions, the accomplishment of missions, and support in the development of projects. We must also provide quality support to volunteers who are going into the field: before departure, during the mission, and for their return. To ensure the sustainability of these actions, we need financial resources that allow us to continue to offer these quality missions. Your membership is therefore used to finance operational costs (salaries, locations, organization) that will allow hundreds of young people to get involved with thousands of beneficiaries around the world!

An AIME membership allows you to obtain a tax reduction on your air tickets, to participate in the preparation of departure training, to obtain a T-shirt and a AIME tote bag (and therefore be easily identified by partners and beneficiaries when you arrive on the field) and to be covered by our insurance (health, repatriation) throughout the duration of your mission.

Before departure, you must pay the membership fees to AIME, your airline tickets, as well as costs relating to a visa and vaccines. On site, you may need to cover the cost of living such as accommodation, food, and local transport. For some projects, local partners provide accommodation and/or pay for volunteers. For more information on mission conditions, please refer to the project descriptions.

To benefit from tax reductions, you must send us the certificate of non-reimbursement for expenses incurred and invoices spent (air tickets, visa, vaccines, etc). You will thus be able to obtain a tax reduction of 66% of the amounts committed (up to a limit of 20% of taxable income), which can be carried forward for 5 years.

This process of tax exemption applies to the person who incurs the costs. It can be you, a family member, or a loved one. The name of the person who benefits from the tax reduction must be the same as the one written on the corresponding invoices.

If you want to go on a mission but do not have the financial resources to do it, here are a few tips: 

  • Find a summer job or do freelance work to save money. 
  • Organize a crowdfunding campaign in order to allow family and friends to help financially support your mission. 
  • Seek public or private funding from your city, department, or local businesses. 

Do not hesitate to contact us about this. If you really want to go on a mission, we will help you find ways to fund your mission.

Before Leaving

The information related to the modalities of entry each country can be found on the description page of each country present on the site. For more information look on France Diplomatie (https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/conseils-aux-voyageurs/)

The necessary and recommended vaccines vary depending on which country you will be going to. To have all the information tools concerning your destination, visit l’Institut Pasteur (www.pasteur.fr)

What you take with you will depend on the country and the season in which you are going. It is important to learn about the culture and community you will be living in beforehand and make sure to prepare to dress out of respect for the local culture and community. 

All volunteers will be able to follow-up and have regular communication with our project manager who will make sure to provide you with all of the information necessary so that you arrive equipped and prepared for your mission.

Any initiative for our local partners is welcomed and encouraged. If you want to organize a collection, do not hesitate to talk to us about it and to contact the project manager who will be able to tell you what is the most relevant type of collection in relation to the local needs. The initiative will be all the more valuable if strictly linked with the needs of the community.

AIME is registered with HelloAsso and it is possible to launch a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of your project or association in a very simple way. Going through HelloAsso is a security guarantee that will allow donors to receive their tax receipts directly after their donations. 

Here are the steps to create a campaign: 

  1. Speak with the project manager to jointly define the objectives of the campaign 
  2. Go to the AIME HelloAsso page (https://www.helloasso.com/associations/association-internationale-de-mobilisation-pour-l-egalite-aime)
  3. Click on the button “create a collection”
  4. Fill in the elements of the collection
  5. Announce and publicize the campaign to your relatives and contacts 

All donations collected are tax deductible for 66% for individuals and 60% for businesses. This means that if a person donates 50 euros to your campaign, he or she will get a 33 euro reduction on these taxes. His or her donation will cost him only 17 euros after tax.

Donations will be donated to the AIME association’s account directly at the beginning of each month. AIME then will reverse the entire amount collected from the partner association

In order to encourage exchanges between former volunteers and new ones, we have created a Facebook group that brings our entire community together. To contact the former volunteers, just ask them in the group.

Airline tickets are the sole responsibility of the volunteer and the choice of dates remains flexible within the limits of the commitments made with AIME (often the choice of dates will depend on the price of the ticket).

The insurance is taken care of by AIME. You will be covered for the duration of your mission in case of repatriation, health expenses, and civil liability by MAIF.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the local team that is responsible for presenting the location of the project, the mission, as well as practical information about local life and the community.

AIME project managers will inform on how to prepare for your arrival and where the mission is specifically located.

The mission itself begins with your arrival at the site, once the local leader has presented the details of the actions and objectives.

However, before your departure you will have a first glimpse of the mission and its objectives through exchanges with the project leader who will announce your arrival on site. In addition, you will already have a substantial understanding of local issues from the pre-departure training.

The country of origin or departure is not a criterion for selecting candidates. Anyone motivated by international solidarity can apply for our missions.

In the Field

You can consult information relating to security in the country on the France Diplomatie site  and also register on Ariane in order to receive alerts by email in the event of danger.

ou will keep in direct touch with the project manager and by a local contact in the field.

The project manager in France is a former volunteer of the association AIME having carried out a mission of several months with a local partner. The project manager is therefore familiar with the local context, the stakes of the mission, and the contacts on the ground.

Daily activities vary depending on the specific project and timing of the mission. Additional information on this subject will be provided before departure by the AIME team and the project manager.

Depending on the type of contract you have, you are entitled to several days off:

  • Civic Service: entitled to two days of vacation per month of service 
  • Internship: entitled to two days of vacation per month of work

In case of an emergency, your first contacts will be the on-site contact and the AIME project manager. The rest of the team at headquarters is available for any type of communication.
In case of health problems, it is essential to call the insurance BEFORE you incur the medical expenses, so that they can be covered.

Living conditions and accommodation conditions vary depending on the means available to the partner. Often these are fairly simple living conditions that require adaptability on the part of the volunteer. You can find more information on the project description pages.

Most volunteers keep in touch with their loved ones via online communication (Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype ect.). For almost all of our projects, there is an internet coverage and Wi-Fi access. Additionally, it is possible to get a Sim card locally upon arrival.

In agreement with the local partner and the project manager, it is almost always possible to extend the duration of the mission.

When Returning

We seek to organize events in Paris for volunteers to keep in touch. The Facebook group you will join will be the main way to keep in which you can keep in touch with the AIME community.

If you would like to continue your involvement with AIME after you return from your mission, we would be happy to discuss with you potential ways in which you can maintain your connection and commitment with us.