Experience of e-volunteering ! The testimony of Aëlig

Experience of e-volunteering ! The testimony of Aëlig

As you probably know, the borders of Asian countries are still mostly closed, making it impossible to send volunteers to our partners in these countries. The solution? E-volunteering! 

Volunteering from your sofa: discover e-volunteering! 

E-volunteering, as its name indicates, gather the volunteering missions made online, from your sofa! We have set up English courses with different partner or educational centers. One of them is Sapa O’Chau

What is Sapa O’Chau? 

Sapa O’Chau (O’Chau means « thank you » in Hmong language) was created in 2008 thanks to Miss Shu, a Hmong woman wishing to create opportunities for the inhabitants of the Sapa region, especially those from ethnic minority villages. 

This social enterprise develops solidarity tourism activities through a trekking agency, a café, a hotel and a handicraft store. The profits generated help support the education of 70 students each year through an intensive one-year English program and free boarding for high school students from remote villages. This support allows the children to benefit from a level that allows them to continue their education, to access vocational training or to work in the tourism industry. Sapa O’Chau also offers many employment opportunities to its students through its economic activities in the tourism industry.

Sapa O’Chau is the only officially licensed travel agency in Vietnam that has the status of a social enterprise. Miss Shu, the founder and director of the social enterprise, was awarded in the Forbes Vietnam Ranking of Entrepreneurs Under 30 and shortlisted for the 2019 Women of the Future Award – in the category of Social Entrepreneur in Southeast Asia.

Aëlig’s testimony

Here is the testimony of Aelig who was an online volunteer for two months 

I taught in Sapa O’Chau for about two and a half months, giving English classes to students ranging from 17 to 37 years old. As a volunteer, I made my own PowerPoint and my own lessons based on the students’ interests and their level and emphasized conversation and speaking in general. This experience was very rewarding for me, as it allowed me to interact with people who, without this volunteer work, I would not have had the opportunity to talk to. The students are very kind and attentive, the support of Pam, the coordinator, is also very helpful and I have not had any communication problems with either Pam or AIME. The only problem I have had is with the students’ internet connection, but I understand that this cannot be improved.
Thank you again,

You too, get involved through E-volunteering

You want to get involved in an international associative project without having to move from your city? E-volunteering is for you!
There are not many prerequisites:

  • One hour of your time once a week
  • An intermediate to advanced level of English
  • Aan interest in language teaching
  • And above all a good dose of motivation and benevolence <3

If you are interested, please contact our International Pole Manager Luca at luca.chailloux@aime-ong.org

See you soon!

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