Abidjan, Ivory Coast


6 months


Sankof’art SUM

Type of mission

Service civique


Private room

Internet access




Description of the partner

The Sankof’Art association was set up in 2021 with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of African culture among all sections of the urban and rural population of Ivory Coast. The association organises performing arts exhibitions and film screenings in schools and cultural centres. It also offers a variety of training courses, shows and workshops for young people and adults living in the community.

The mission

The volunteers will support the Sankof’Art sum association in the following activities (depending on their profile and skills):

  • Support for the centre’s programming: Volunteers will work closely with the centre’s artistic director in organising artistic performances, logistics, welcoming the public and creating visuals for the artistic programme.
  • Support for venue management: Volunteers support the team in welcoming the general public to the various events and artists who come to perform.
  • Supporting the development of partnerships: Volunteers help to set up partnerships with artists to organise workshops and performances for young people and children. This involves helping to develop the various activities with the association’s partners, such as public establishments, schools, art centres, museums, etc.
    Helping to promote the centre: Volunteers help to raise the centre’s profile, help to create content on social networks, and develop the centre’s promotional activities.
Candidate profile
  • Profiles with experience in organising and promoting activities are appreciated.
  • A good capacity for adaptation and a strong capacity for initiative are required
  • A genuine interest in art and culture is a plus
  • Creative skills in content creation are highly recommended

The volunteer is proposed a one private room with bathroom and shared kitchen.

Access to healthcare and health facilities: 3km from the nearest hospital, Abidjan has a large number of referral clinics.