Raising awareness about who and what?

Since its creation, AIME has been dedicated to the development of solidarity action and the emergence of committed and responsible citizenship in each and every one of us. Faced with the many development issues and challenges – social, cultural, economic, societal, political and environmental – facing not only current generations, but all the generations to come, there is no longer any doubt about the need to encourage a more aware citizenship that is open to the world. For AIME, this means raising both personal and collective awareness of the realities around us.

Popular education, with its active and participatory approach, makes it possible to tackle these social issues in an alternative way. Using a collective, horizontal dynamic, it encourages participants to develop and enrich their thinking throughout the workshop, culminating in a conclusion co-constructed by the group. With collective intelligence at its heart, the aim is to get participants to question their place in society and their relationship with others in the light of their conclusions.

Aimed at young people aged 16 to 25, these workshops are designed to put citizenship back at the heart of social and professional integration, by making commitment a vehicle for new opportunities.

Our workshops

Our workshops are tailored to the audience and the needs of our partners. The workshops in our catalogue can be modified to suit your needs. Contact us for a quote for each workshop.