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Arts & Culture


Since its creation in 2021, the “Friends of Mahiaco” association has been showcasing the richness and diversity of the traditional cultures of the “MAHICAO” museum. This museum, dedicated to…

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Polaris Asso

Polaris Asso est une association internationale opérant depuis Dakar et qui utilise le numérique comme point d’ancrage et prétexte pour travailler sur les défis de la jeunesse. Les thématiques…

Environnement, Women's Empowerment

Kailend Farm

Kailend Farm, set up in 2013, operates in the heart of rural and disadvantaged region of Togo. Its mission is to offer vocational training and employment opportunities to low-income…

Arts & Culture


Multicorps was founded in 2008 by Marcel Gbeffa, a professional dancer and choreographer, with the aim of promoting the immense diversity of living art in Benin. The association works…

Arts & Culture

Sankof’art SUM

The Sankof’Art association was set up in 2021 with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of African culture among all sections of the urban and rural population…

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Education, Handicap, Women's Empowerment

Association Imagine le Monde

Since it was founded, Imagine le Monde has been committed to helping people in vulnerable situations to integrate and become independent. It offers children and young people (some of…