How to

Presentation of the steps for a new volunteer


Apply online

Apply online by completing the questionnaire



Conduct an interview with AIME, either in person or over the phone, in order to learn more about your motivations and goals, and to prepare for your departure.



Confirm your participation by becoming a member of AIME.



You will be put in contact with project manager or local partner in order to discuss the details of your mission.


Follow Up

AIME will follow up with you concerning the administrative and logistical details of your mission, and how to prepare for your departure.



Participate in AIME’s Pre-Departure Training


Let’s Go!

Keep us updated on social networks and share your experience through a testimonial that highlights your volunteer experience.

The Cost of a Mission 


In order to validate your departure, it is necessary to join AIME by donating 200 € to the association. The donation is tax-deductible up to 66% and allows you to benefit from the following:

Starter Kit

A Starter Kit with all the essential elements


Insurance for the duration of your international mission in case of repatriation, health costs, and civil liability.


Administrative support for the duration of the mission by our team at headquarters.


Pre-departure training that will help you to better understand the issues of international solidarity and the context of the mission.

Personalized follow-up

Personalized follow-up support by the project leader responsible for the mission you will engage in. The project manager is a person who has already been on the ground and who personally knows the current projects. 

On-site living expenses

Some local associations cover the cost of accomodation, while others require a contribution for accomodation and food. This information pertaining to each mission can be found on the project description sheets.

AIME leaves it up to the local partner to propose an accommodation solution according to their possibilities on site.
However, we make sure that the requested contributions are justified and transparent.


Air tickets ar the responsibility of the volunteer. Prices vary depending on the country and chosen mission. It is possible to find more details on the prices of airfare for the different countries on the project descriptions. Tickets, however, are tax free.

Tax Exemption

According to article 41 of law number 2000-627 of July 6, 2000, of the 1st article of 200 of the general code of the taxes, volunteers who engage personally (or by a third, in case of the parents), of the expenses to participate in a humanitarian mission, can benefit from a tax reduction. The amount committed is considered as a donation made to the association and is thus entitled to a tax reduction of up to 66% of the total amount. 

All fees must be justifies with the name of the person who wishes to benefit from the tax reduction. Additionally, for it to be considered a donation, the person must also certify who wished to be reimbursed.
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